About Aaron

I love the world of data. It’s true… though hard to admit in non-professional circles. 🙂 I love everything about RAID levels, SSDs, query optimizers, indexing architectures and strategies, efficient T-SQL code, data modeling, and most of all, satisfied customers.

I currently work in Portland, Oregon, for Huron Consulting Group, a leading consulting practice in the billing space for U.S. health care organizations. As a “Sr. Production Database Administrator”, I oversee 260 (and growing) SQL Server instances across our client base, and ensure the successful implementation and operation of our SQL-based application. My daily responsibilites vary widely, and can include

  • Writing server specifications for the client-procured hardware underlying our application installations
  • Pinpointing and optimizing T-SQL stored procedures with poor or unstable performance
  • Developing backup/recovery strategies with client business & technical personnel based on differing SLA requirements, organizational policies, and topologies
  • Writing (and overseeing development on) new automation solutions for project ramp-up tasks, database maintenance processes, metric capture for pro-active environment troubleshooting, etc.
  • Providing feedback to development teams on problem points or opportunities for efficiency in our revenue-driving products

I have built a set of core competencies in the area of OLTP and OLAP database design and administration, using the Microsoft SQL Server product stack. I have met customer needs  in database modeling and physical layout,  T-SQL query writing and tuning, database maintenance and monitoring, and strategies for operational stability. I also have some experience in designing and supporting ETL solutions using SQL Server Integration Services.

You can often find me attending Portland’s SQL Server user groups, blogging at this site, or tweeting at @sqlcrossjoin.

If you’re curious to know more, please review my resume in Word or PDF format (<forthcoming>).

Thanks for dropping by!


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